Hold on it’s coming

The English translation of our Simon Marius book is becoming a reality. Should become available to purchase early next year or possibly late in this one.


Engraved image of Simon Marius (1573-1624), from his book Mundus Iovialis, 1614 Source: Houghton Library via Wikimedia Commons


  • Simon Marius and his Research
  • Hans Gaab and Pierre Leich (Eds.)
  • In the series Historical & Cultural Astronomy, Springer International Publishing, Cham 2019
  • Translation with additional material of the German conference report “Simon Marius und seine Forschung”
  • Authors: Thony Christie, Wolfgang R. Dick, Hans Gaab, Christopher M. Graney, Jürgen Hamel, Albert van Helden, Dieter Kempkens, Richard L. Kremer, Pierre Leich, Klaus Matthäus, Thomas Müller, Dagmar L. und Ralph Neuhäuser, Jay M. Pasachoff, Rudolf Pausenberger, Joachim Schlör, Norman Schmidt, Olga Sinzev und Huib J. Zuidervaart. With a bibliography of Simon Marius’s publications and a word of welcome from Joachim Wambsganß.
  • 20 Essays (Content). 481 pages, 144 illustrations, trim size: 155 mm x 235 mm, weight 640 g.
  • ISBN 978-3-319-92620-9 (Hardcover), Price ca. €149,79; 978-3-319-92621-6 (eBook)
  • Acquisition:
  • Springer International Publishing, Cham/CH

P.S. I’m only first in the list of authors because it’s done alphabetically!



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2 responses to “Hold on it’s coming

  1. PPS: But is it not said in the book: “Finally, Thony Christie did his best to turn all the translations into acceptable English free of glitches and grammatical howlers. His expertise in history of science was of invaluable help.”

  2. Make sure to plug the book shamelessly when it is available for purchase, for those of us with no memories who flit from moment to moment like small puppies

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