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Franz Carl Achard

Sugar in the morning, sugar in the evening, sugar…

Girolamo Fabrizi d’Aquapendente

Jerry the Builder from the Waterfall

John Arbuthnot

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel.

Charles Babbage

Is the question ‘who invented the computer’ legitimate?

The Bernoullis

A Confusion of Bernoullis!

Herman Boerhaave

Medical Brackets

Giordano Bruno

Bruno was not scientific

Gerolamo Cardano

Gunfight at the Cubic Corral

Giovanni Domenico Cassini

The real founder of telescopic astronomy.

Agnes Mary Clarke

A Lady of Science

Christoph Clavius

A loser who was really a winner.


Nicky was an Ermländer!

John Dee

Not just a Magus but also a Mathematicus

Rembert Dodoens 

Of Herbs and Herbals.

John Dollond

Taking the colour out of light.

David Fabricius

Twinkle, twinkle little star how I wonder where you went?

John Flamsteed

The Superior Stamp Collector

Girolamo Fracastoro

Syphilis and Comets

Galileo Galilei

The Starry Messenger What it Said and What that Really Meant!

A man with a strange name.

GG Superstar!

Extracting the stopper.

Ferdinando the Wunderkind.

Francesco Maria Grimaldi

Refraction, refrangibility, diffraction or inflexion

Chester Moore Hall

Taking the colour out of light.

Thomas Harriot

Cannonballs, Cherrios and Snowflakes

Jeremiah Horrocks

An important anniversary in the history of science.


Going to the movies

Johannes Kepler

Cannonballs, Cherrios and Snowflakes

Shedding some light!

A man with a strange name.

Oh happy day!

Ferdinando d’Medici 

Ferdinando the Wunderkind.

Isaac Newton

Newton’s Dotage

Newton and the Counterfeiter: Review of a Subtitle!

Newton and the Counterfeiter: Part one: A review of a volume of popular history

Newton and the Counterfeiter: A Review Part 2.

The Last Magician

On clocks and triangles: a post for Newtonmas

Refraction, refrangibility, diffraction or inflexion

Taking the colour out of light.

Emmy Noether

Emmy and the Habilitation

Blaise Pascal

Religion contra science.

Joseph Priestley

The lunatic who invented fizzy pop.

John Ray

A boy from Essex who made good


What’s in a Name?

Bertrand Russell

Bertie’s Dream

Johannes Schöner

Circumnavigating the Globe

Jan Swammerdam

A Biological Birthday.


Gunfight at the Cubic Corral

Alan Turing

Too little too late but it’s better than nothing

Poetical Turing


Medical Brackets

John Wilkins

John Wilkins Day

Christopher Wren

Not just an architect.

Konrad Zuse

Z3 or not Z3 that is the question.

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