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It’s the wrong telescope.

I know I announced a blogging hiatus yesterday, but I have some time evenings and I simply couldn’t ignore this.   Today is Caroline Herschel’s birthday and Google have celebrated it with a doodle, which is cool and an overdue … Continue reading


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How to murder your wife and get away with it: First become a famous successful telescope maker.

As part of my long-term project to learn about the history of (reflecting) telescopes I recently read a paper on Robert Hooke’s involvement in early attempts to grind and polish parabolic telescope mirrors. During my reading I was amused by … Continue reading


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James Gregory did not invent the reflecting telescope.

Yesterday, 6th November, was supposedly the birthday of the 17th century Scottish mathematician James Gregory; his exact birthdate appears not to be known. My Internet friend Pat Ballew of the excellent history of maths Pat’s Blog posted the following tweet … Continue reading


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Teleskopos: How the telescope got its name

My Whewell’s Ghost sister in spirit Rebekah “Becky” Higgitt has left the safe haven of our collective history of science blog and set up shop under the sign of the “Teleskopos”. As she herself writes: A word on the name … Continue reading


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A Telescope Chronology:

On 25th August Google celebrated the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s first public presentation of his telescope an anniversary that is also commented upon in the latest addition of the Guardian Weekly, a compendium of the English daily newspaper The Guardian … Continue reading


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History of science that had this (pedantic) historian grinding his teeth in the last week.

On 11 October, The American Astronomical Society had an article on its website by Teresa Wilson (Michigan Technological University) title, This Month in Astronomical History: The Invention of the Telescope that is liberally strewn with easily avoidable errors. We start … Continue reading


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A Lady Logician

Today George Boole is regarded as one of the founders of the computer age that now dominates our culture. His algebra lies at the base of computer circuit design and of most computer programming languages and Booleans power the algorithms … Continue reading


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The Great Man paradox

Over the years a fair number of the blog posts here have been fairly speculative, basically me thinking out loud about something that has recently crossed my mind or my path. What follows is one of those posts and as … Continue reading


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The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time

The title of this post is the subtitle of Dava Sobel’s Longitude, her mega bestselling account of the life and work of the eighteenth-century clock maker John Harrison; probably the biggest selling popular #histSTM book of all time. I’m quite … Continue reading


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Why doesn’t he just shut up?

Neil deGrasse Tyson (NdGT), probably the most influential science communicator in the world, spends a lot of time spouting out the message that learning science allows you to better detect bullshit, charlatans, fake news etc. etc. However it apparently doesn’t … Continue reading


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