“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

On Tuesday a week ago, I started my second attempt to cure my middle ear inflammation with a new antibiotic and other bits and pieces. By then the symptoms of my original virus infection had largely disappeared. As the week progressed, I felt fairly optimistic, the pressure in my forehead began to disappear and the gunge stopped dribbling out of my ears. I was still deaf, but you can’t have everything. 

Feeling stronger I began to write a new blog post. It was heavy going but I progressed gradually, paragraph for paragraph, and by Friday I had it about two thirds finished. A good weekend and I would have it in the bag, I thought foolishly. 

On Saturday, my original virus returned with a vengeance. Since then, I have only, or better said I could only, blow my nose and try not to rupture something in coughing fits that go on literally for minutes. I keep having to interrupt this to reach for the next tissue. 

I’m not making any prognostications anymore, as to when I’ll finally get back to blogging, but I’m really pissed off!


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21 responses to ““The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley.”

  1. Ken Smith

    Sigh — I am sorry to hear this! These infections can certainly be painful and frustrating. Here’s wishing you full health soon and a return to your blogs (which I always find fascinating!)

    yours, Ken


  2. Damn damn damn. I’m so sorry to read that the virus goes on and on. Do they say it’s a virus? I ask because antibiotics don’t work against a virus. Could be just linguistic confusion on my part and it’s none of my business. But that won’t stop me. I’m a great believer in steam tents, Olbas Oil, lots of fluids to liquefy mucus, and oral decongestants (unless you have high blood pressure). Enough Auntie Faye. Get well soon. We need you among us.

  3. Todd Timberlake

    I hope you recover swiftly, and fully, this time around.

  4. Rachel Laudan

    Sounds miserable. Hoping that you vanquish the virus toon.

  5. Clive Raymond

    I had Ear Nose and Throat problems as a boy, without the gunge. I know how miserable it can make you feel. I hope the problem is cleared up soon. All the best, Clive

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  6. Lawson Brouse

    I hope that it is soon, wishing you all the best.

  7. Jim Harrison

    You need to read some really deplorable Galileo hagiography. A spiritual mustard plaster will fix you right up

  8. The antibiotics may have been too broad-spectrum.

    Sounds as if the ‘virus’ is covid, but you’d surely know if it were. Unless we’re all now pretending that covid-19 and its varieties have all gone away when they realised they were not helping the economy?

  9. Jane Rogers

    Yuck! You need Friars Balsam inhalation from an old gungy coffee pot with no lid! And don’t forget the towel over the head to keep the steam in! Really hope you feel better soon! xx

  10. Kain C. Hao

    Though it might be pretty late — I’m really sorry to hear this. Wish you a full recovery.

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