Chilli 19.02.2006–27.07.2020

The sweetest little lady in the world has left us. Somewhat more than a year ago I explained how Chilli came into my life. Yesterday she left it taking my heart with her as she went. In recent months she had begun to display the symptoms of dementia. They were unmistakable but still fairly mild, so I thought we would still have some time together.


On Friday morning, on the way home from our early walk in the woods she had some sort of brain malfunction that seems to have blown some fuses in her head. She took off like a rocket and I had no idea where she had gone. She ran wild through the area for nearly one and a half hours, till I could finally catch her with the help of a very generous lady dog owner. She was in total panic and didn’t recognise me and attacked and bit me. She is normally the most passive and friendliest dog in the world. I managed to get her on a lead and she immediately calmed down and we walked home. Once there she fell into her bed and didn’t leave it again the whole day except when I took her briefly outside to pee.

Things did not really improve on Saturday; she was confused, disorientated and apathetic. By Sunday it was clear that the little lady, who had brought me so much joy over the last fifteen or so months was suffering without hope of recovery and that I would have to release here from her distress. On Monday afternoon the vet helped her on her way out the vale of suffering and now she is no more. My flat seems suddenly very empty.

Chilli as puppy005

Chilli as a puppy taken from her vaccination pass Added 29/08/2020


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13 responses to “Chilli 19.02.2006–27.07.2020

  1. Gavin Moodie

    I am so sorry for your loss. My partner and I lost 2 dogs years ago in another country, and we never forget them. But the pain of loss dulls, and is mediated by memories of good times.

  2. Jennifer Evans

    I’m so sorry to read this and so sorry for your loss.

  3. Betty Smocovitis

    So sad. I understand, and am very sorry for your loss.

  4. Vassiliki Betty Smocovitis

    So very sad. I understand completely, and am very sorry for your loss. She looks like a sweetie.

  5. Our beloved furry animals do take a piece of our heart, don’t they? I’m sorry for your loss.

  6. Know how to lose beloved dogs – had to let them go three of them. As well as feeling the sudden emptiness at all the places they had been filling with their life.
    Sorry Thony.

  7. Michael Traynor

    I’ve felt your loss, Thony. I am hopelessly addicted to cats and the passing of each of them has been a horrible wrench, but I never regret it. I’m glad you are thinking of the memories of her presence.

  8. Sorry Thony. I know that heartache…

  9. Sabine Mantke

    Mein Herz weint auch und ich bin so dankbar, dass ich dich damals gefunden und gefragt habe. Chilly hatte so ein Glück mit dir und in unseren Herzen und Gedanken wird sie weiterhin bei uns sein.

  10. My condolences. You and Chilli are in my thoughts.

  11. Ken Smith

    Like the others who have commented, I too have known the unique love of these strange creatures and the heartache of that loss. Thank-you for sharing. Thank-you for caring for Chilli and giving her a special home. May you soon have another one of these beautiful animals to share time with.

  12. Thanks for all of the kind thoughts on the passing of Chilli

  13. Dogs are definitely a superior life-form to humans. I hope that when you are ready, you will find one to bring as much joy into your life, and you into theirs, as with Sacha and Chilli.

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