Another Negative Review

For those, who don’t always read the comments, Renaissance Mathematicus friend and sometime guest blogger, Chris Graney, who is also a leading expert on the arguments pro and contra heliocentricity in the early 17th century, has written another negative review of Galileo and the Science Deniers. More moderate in tone, than your favourite HIST_SCI HULK, but not in content, he also takes Mario Livio to the cleaners.

We will combat science denial by showing how vigorous scientific debate over a universally accepted set of facts was present at the very birth of modern science, as it often is in science today. Galileo and the Science Deniers does not do this, despite its author being a scientist. It retells a tale that is central to the genre of conspiracy and science denial, and so it will in all likelihood contribute to the very science denial problem it purports to help solve.

It is well worth a read, so pop on over and boost Professor Graney’s reader figures.


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3 responses to “Another Negative Review

  1. I liked Chris Graney’s review very much. His posting is also well worth reading.

    Franca Gallucci’s comment to that article puts the way I feel in a nutshell:

    ‘What a fabulous post, Chris! It marks this week’s 100th birthday of JPII, who wrote to Fr. Coyne saying “Science can purify religion from error and superstition; religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.”’

  2. Ujjval Vyas, Ph.D., J.D.

    Great stuff. Thanks.

  3. Michael Traynor

    The bit at the end about how the classic Galileo myth is a prop for the science deniers and crackpots. To the point where claiming to be like Galileo is one of the items on the crackpot index.

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