By the time most of you read this I shall be flying over the Atlantic in the direction of California. There will be no new blog posts until I return at the beginning of July but until then I will leave you with the SciFoo18 Wall of Fame, those unbelievably generous people who helped make this trip possible. I say once again from the depths of my heart how grateful I am to all of them; they are all wonderful people. I also want to take the opportunity to thank all of my readers who have helped to sustain this blog over the last nine years, without it there would never have been an invitation to SciFoo in the first place.



The Renaissance Mathematicus SciFoo18 Wall of Fame

 1) Jonathan Dresner 2) John Kane 3) Anonymous

4) Luke Dury 5) Charles Hueneman 6) Andreas Sommer

7) Cornelis J. Schilt 8) Kevin Quiggle 9) William Connolley

10) Gypsy Van Melle Seaton 11) Anonymous

12) Fawn Nguyen 13) Anonymous 14) Anonymous

15) Gavin Moodie 16) Seb Falk 17) Anonymous

18) Ash Jogalekar 19) Noah Greenstein 20) Anonymous

21) Anonymous 22) Gene Dannen 23) Anonymous

24) Anonymous 25) Anonymous 26) Anonymous

27) Anonymous 28) Michael Traynor 29) Anonymous

30) Gerald Cummins 31) Heribert Watzke

32) Anders Ehrnberg 33) Friends of Charles Darwin

34) Anonymous 35) Anonymous 36) Anonymous

37) Sally Osborn 38) Paul Coxon 39) Matthew Cobb

40) Tim O’Neill 41) Tony Mann 42) Meg Rosenburg

43) Isaac Cowan 44) Timoer Frelink

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