Send me back to Silicon Valley II – Gratitude


I am flabbergasted, deeply touched, humbled and overwhelmed by the unbelievable generosity of all those who have already contributed to my GoFundMe. These wonderful, awesome people have already donated more than €900 in less than twenty-four hours; to say thank you seems somehow totally inadequate.

I thought about asking my Internet community for financial help with my travel cost to SciFoo for a long time before finally taking the plunge. I set a target of €1500 because GoFundMe requires you to set a target, and this is roughly my total travel costs for the trip I’m planning. Whilst contemplating taken this step I had daydreams of maybe raising €500 but dismissed them as fantastical. More realistically I though I might manage €200 to €300, which for my financial situation would be quite a lot of money and for which I would be very grateful. On bad days I thought I would raise €3,40 and a couple of bottle tops and that only because some confused soul contributed to the wrong GoFundMe appeal. Yes, since you ask, I am a pessimist; the glass in not only half empty but somebody also spat in it.

I want all of the people, who have responded so quickly and so generously, to know that I am eternally grateful for their kindness and cannot thank all of you enough.



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One response to “Send me back to Silicon Valley II – Gratitude

  1. Ash Jogalekar

    I was happy to do my tiny part: you bring a very unique and nuanced perspective to #histsci and seem like exactly the kind of person Scifoo would benefit from. Enjoy your trip.

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