Reading in a hospital bed

Some of my readers might have noticed that this blog was unnaturally quite last week without my usually weekly blatherings on some arcane history of science topic. This was because I was in hospital receiving a long planed, so-called routine operation. This slight distraction made blogging somewhat difficult and therefore the silence.


However, being confined to a hospital bed meant that my choice of possible activities was more than somewhat restricted. This in turn meant that I ended up reading more than I usually manage in the course of a normal week. All of this means that those who come here for their #histSTM pearls of wisdom could well be confronted by one or other possibly interesting book review in the not so distant future, starting tomorrow if all goes to plan.


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5 responses to “Reading in a hospital bed

  1. Hope you have a swift recovery!

  2. Wish your speedy recovery so you may continue to illuminate us.

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