A public service announcement

For several months I have been writing a review essay of David Wootton’s fascinating and challenging book The Invention of Science, or better said not writing, as I have stalled, hit a roadblock, lost the thread or whatever. This being the case I have been doing what apparently writers are supposed to do in such situations writing other things. Now this is all very well but all that has happened is that I have found it increasingly more difficult to return to my review essay and complete it, so I have decided this has got to stop. Today I recommenced writing my review essay and have decided that I won’t write or post anything else until I do finish it, which might take some time. How long I can’t say at the moment. Until then nothing new will appear here at The Renaissance Mathematicus, I hope the break won’t be too long. When however blogging does resume here, normal service and frequency will be resumed, as I have several new posts already in the pipeline.



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5 responses to “A public service announcement

  1. Think a lot of people will be nodding their heads in recognition at this situation (perfectly describes my interrupted dissertation) – but we can now look forward to the appearance of the review!

  2. Arbeit ist schwer, ist oft genug ein freudloses und mühseliges Stochern, aber nicht arbeiten, das ist die Hölle. Thomas Mann.

  3. I look forward to the book review. The last two books that I have purchased and read where as a result of your reviews.

  4. laura

    My heart sank when I saw this post. When Thony says he won’t be posting because he is going on vacation you can expect long posts every other day for the foreseeable future. When he says he won’t post because he has to complete a special post and has writers block, it’s going to be a long wait. I know nothing more about 16th century cartography than I did a month ago.

  5. loo be do

    good luck thony.

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