I have deleted my previous  post on the Caroline Herschel Google Doodle because I was wrong! I will explain tomorrow.



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5 responses to “I WAS WRONG!

  1. Tony Angel

    You were not wrong. She used short focal length sweepers which were table mounted reflectors especially made for her by her brother.

  2. MarylandBill

    Well, perhaps he meant he was wrong to slam the Newtonian design. The Gregorian Reflector’s only real advantage over a Newtonian is that the image formed is right side up which would be an advantage for terrestrial observing but not Astronomical observing. The Newtonian can be made with a shorter focal length (Crucial for wide field work) and actually has some advantages over Cassegrian or Gregorian designs.

    • Most or all designs which were actually built have advantages for some type of work, and disadvantages for others. Note also that it is often assumed that astronomical telescopes flip the image, but a) not all of them do and b) it might depend on whether you are looking through an eyepiece or at something recorded by a detector. (These days, with electronic detectors—CCDs and so on—flipping the image on your display is trivial.)

    • I am not going to enter a debate about the relative merits of the various types of reflector telescopes but in the eighteenth century the Gregorian was generally regarded as superior to the Newtonian. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant to the actual historical situation.

  3. On my false reasons for deleting and now restoring my Caroline Herschel post see my next post!

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