The horror, the horror!

For those readers who might have wondered what The Renaissance Mathematicus looks and sounds like, you need wonder no more. There is now a video on Youtube in which I stumble and stutter my way through a very impromptu, not quite fifteen minute, lecture on the relationship between astronomy, astrology and medicine in the Early Modern Period. During which I indulge in a lot of arm waving and from time to time scratch my fleas. This video was filmed in the kitchen of the Remeis Observatory in Bamberg during a coffee break at the Astronomy in Franconia Conference last Monday, complete with the sounds of somebody loading the dishwasher.

The cameraman, who also puts some questions during this solo performance, was Chris Graney who requested my golden words for his students back in Louisville, the poor sods.

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One response to “The horror, the horror!

  1. Fernanda

    Hi! I’m a brazilian Math student in São Paulo, i’m very curious about History, and i appreciate a lot your blog. But i may say, although i liked to see your speech, this video in youtube is “the horror” for the quality of the sound. For a non-native-english-speaker like me that have never been abroad, it is sufferable to keep attention in this interview. Is there any possibility for you to ask Chris Graney or Simon Marius (who uploaded the video) to habilitate automatic youtube subtitles, please?

    Thank you for making available all your search and knowledge on web. I love this blog.

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