It’s The Final Countdown.

In case you’ve missed it Giants’ Shoulders the history of science, technology and medicine blog carnival is closing down at the end of six glorious years of aggregating the best of STEM history every month. Giants’ Shoulders #72 the Doomsday Edition will be hosted by the blog carnival’s founder Dr SkySkull (@drskyskull) on his Skulls in the Stars blog on 16th June 2014. This means you have just ten days left to submit those great history of science, technology or medicine blog posts that you’ve read or written either straight to the host or to me here at RM or to either of us on Twitter.

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  1. OK, sir, how about this one about science, technology, medicine — and mathematics, all wrapped up in an admitted quixotictoc pamphlet, which seeks to explore usually over-looked aspects of a mobius strip, including time as a mobius strip?

    As found via


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