On Giants’ Shoulders #66: Contagious History!

It’s the 16th again and Giants’ Shoulders #66 the biology and medicine special “Contagious History!” is up at Michelle Ziegler’s (@MZiegler3) excellent medical history blog Contagions and a bumper crop of #histmed, #histsci and #histtech to end the year it is too, enough to keep you reading all through the holiday season.

Giants’ Shoulders #67 returns in the New Year hosted by Jen Evans (@HistorianJen) of Early Modern Medicine on January 16, 2014. Submissions are due either directly to the host or to The Renaissance Mathematicus (@rmathematicus) no later than Jan. 15.




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  1. jbailey2013

    This is great. I’m probably being short-sighted, but is there a way to share? I can’t see tweet/FB buttons!

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