The Renaissance Mathematicus Road Show.

Autumn is here; the season of mist, mellow fruitfulness and public lectures and the Renaissance Mathematicus will again be unleashed on an unsuspecting public.

I shall be holding a lecture on Mikroskopie in 17. Jahrhundert: Das Unsichtbar sichtbar machen (Microscopy in the 17th century: Making the invisible visible) in the Planetarium in Nürnberg at 7 pm (MEST) on Wednesday 16th October 2013.

On Sunday 20th October 2013 I will be lecturing on Gemma Frisius, Lehrer des Gerardus Mercator (Gemma Frisius, Gerardus Mercator’s Teacher) in the Kultur- and Stadhistorisches Museum Duisburg at 11am (MEST)

Anybody who wants to come along to listen or just throw peanuts is very welcome. I shall be at a loose end on Saturday evening and again on Sunday afternoon in Duisburg; any readers in the area who fancy a meal, coffee or whatever should get in touch.



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