A Glonk comes up roses: Giants’ Shoulders #62: Alpha Papa

Give a Glonk a job to do and he’ll pull out all the stops. Dominic Berry the HPS Glonk has delivered up a superlative edition of Giants’ Shoulders the history of science, technology and medicine blog carnival. Giants’ Shoulders #62 Alpha Papa is up at the HPS Glonk Blog and it’s a real cracker. Full of eye catching page breaks, snazzy illustrations and the very best in #histsci, #histstech and #histmed bloggage from the last thirty days it’ll keep you busy until Giants’ Shoulders #63 heaves to on the horizon.

Giants’ Shoulders #63 will be skippered by none less than the good Captain Edmond Halley on his Log Book assisted by his very able first mate Kate Morant (@katemorant) on 16th September 2013.  Submission as always by the 15th of the month either direct to our nautical hosts or to me here at RM.

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