A bit on the side.

One of the joys of the world of blogging is the guest post. The Renaissance Mathematicus has provided cyberspace to a couple of excellent guest posts in the past and hopes to attract some more in the future.

As many readers will know, because I keep repeating it, I actually guest blogged at the excellent Evolving Thoughts blog of John Wilkins (@john_s_wilkins) the Albino Aussie AnthropoidTM as well as the equally excellent Ether Wave Propaganda of Will Thomas (@GWilliamThomas) before I started up this little endeavour. Later I did a series of guest posts on the guest blog of the Scientopia collective.

Now my wandering eye has struck again and I have indulged in a little tickle on the side with a guest post at the fascinating Recipes Project blog (@historecipes). If you are dying to know how to differentiate between Mucardinus avellanarius and Glis glis and how to stuff the latter the Roman way then wander on over and take a look.

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