Women at The Renaissance Mathematicus

As today is Ada Lovelace Day dedicated to raising awareness of women in science, technology, engineering and medicine (the mathematicians got left out again!) I thought I would make a list of earlier posts here at The Renaissance Mathematicus for new readers who might not have discovered them yet.

A Lady of Science: Agnes Mary Clarke a historian of astronomy

Season of the Witch: Maria Gaetana Agnesi 

Emmy and the Habilitation: Emmy Noether once

The House where Emmy Lived: Emmy Noether twice

A Feminist Newtonian: Gabrielle-Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise du Châtelet

Daughters of Urania: Four Lady Astronomers from the Early Modern Period


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2 responses to “Women at The Renaissance Mathematicus

  1. Jim Cliborn

    Good list! The 20th century ought to have a dozen or so outstanding women in math, no?

  2. Gordon

    Good to see your list.
    Why oh why do they continue to leave out maths when they talk of science? Are they trying to make the point that maths isn’t science? Or are they intent on committing intellectual hari-kari!

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