Monday blast from the past #13: Newton’s Early Optics

Before The Renaissance Mathematicus even existed I started my career as a history of science blogger with guest posts on other people’s blogs. Will Thomas at Ether Wave Propaganda was kind enough and generous enough to allow me a relative stranger and a naïve beginner, as a blogger that is, to post on his excellent blog.

That post on Newton’s second scientific publication (he had earlier published a short description of his telescope) his famous paper on his optical experiment with a prism and his theory of colour is today’s ‘Monday blast from the past’.  Newton’s Prism Experiments and Theory of Colour


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2 responses to “Monday blast from the past #13: Newton’s Early Optics

  1. Will Thomas

    5,524 page views and counting! It’s still easily the most-viewed post on my blog, though Chris Donohue’s post on Environmental Determinism is gaining….

  2. I thought I’d do something to boost the numbers a bit.

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