Monday blast from the past #6: Periodisation in history

Riffing off the title of this blog and the question, when was the Scientific Renaissance I develop my thoughts on the problems of dividing history up into artificial periods.


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2 responses to “Monday blast from the past #6: Periodisation in history

  1. Thanks for this. When I had the great fortune of meeting Allen Debus, I shook his hand and told him how much I appreciated his work, which is such a pioneering foundation of contemporary alchemy studies in the history of science. He said something I wish I could remember exactly about how when he was a grad student people thought they knew what the “scientific revolution” was all about. I can see that there’s still a need for calling attention to the artifice and problems of periodization.
    Ted Hand

  2. jeb

    An embarrassing read for me. Very ill and stressed out little bunny at the time.

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