Monday Blast from the Past #2

It’s only the second week and I’m already a day late with my Monday Blast from the Past. Some time back I took a somewhat longer look at the famous Galileo quote, “the book of nature is written in the language of mathematics” and that is what is being rewarmed this week for late or later comers.

Regular readers might have noticed that new material is somewhat thin on the ground at the moment here at the Renaissance Mathematicus. This hiatus is the result of too much work necessary to earn money, too many public lectures, which require intensive preparation and too many years worth of tax returns that required my attention. After the coming weekend things should ease up a lot and normal service will resume; two new posts are half written and others are percolating in the twisted recesses of that what’s left of my brain after a lifetime of abuse so there should be something new to read soon.

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