Monday Blast from the Past #1

The Renaissance Mathematicus has been around for some time now and I have succeeded in maintaining a fairly regular rate of posting. The result of this is that I have accumulated a fair number of posts. Over the time that I have been posting I have acquired some newer readers and for some time now I have also been active on twitter. Having taken a look at my back catalogue I have come to the conclusion that some of my earlier posts are actually fairly readable and have decided to draw the attention of newer readers and the twitter-sphere’s to one post a week, every Monday, under the rubric Monday Blast from the Past. These will be chosen at random or, as this week, by chance and will be not reposted but linked with a short description.

The chance that provoked this week’s choice was an excellent post by Romeo Vitelli at Providentia on the 17th century polymath, founding member of and driving force behind the Royal Society, John Wilkins. I too wrote, some time ago, an appreciation of the good Dr Wilkins, which you are invited to peruse if it should meet your fancy.

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