Christie’s Law

I think we need a new rule for Internet discussions on the history of science.

I present Christie’s Law:

In any Internet history of science discussion on the relationship between religion and science the first person to invoke the Galileo Affair has lost.

Lynch‘s Corollary:

Anyone who compares themselves (or others) to Galileo or Bruno in said debate should be burnt at the stake.


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8 responses to “Christie’s Law

  1. I’m confused. Doesn’t Christie’s Law invalidate itself by invoking the Galileo Affair?

  2. What about Bellarmine’s Law?

  3. I’m going to actually strongly disagree with this claim. There are a lot of times when people bring up the Galileo affair when it is utterly irrelevant, but there are occasions where it is necessary. For example, it is relevant if one is just talking about changing Catholic attitudes about science. What seems more clear is that the Affair didn’t have much actual impact on the actual path of science.

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