WATCH OUT! There’s a Thief About.

An obnoxious git by the name of Geoff has been copying large chunks of my blog and posting them on his own so-called blog. Why so-called? Simply because as far as I can see nothing on his blog is actually written by him, but it is all copied from other peoples blogs. He doesn’t claim to have written the stuff himself and actually links to the blogs where he has conducted his intellectual theft.

If so why am I annoyed? I’m annoyed because he has not taken complete posts but single paragraphs out of context to which he has then added his own ill informed and ignorant comments. Geoff likes to think of himself as an open minded, sceptical atheist, he even has one of those fancy red letter As on his blog to show how cool he is but in fact he is a narrow minded, bigoted coward. Why, because the comments on his collections of stolen treasures are off.

Geoff you are a despicable scumbag, if you wish to comment on, criticise or even contradict anything I have written here you would be more than welcome to do so, I’m not scared of anything you or anybody else might say, my comments are open. The only rule that exists here is don’t be abusive to other commentators; I don’t give a monkey’s toss if you are rude to me!

If you are neither prepared to comment here or to open the comments on your own so-called blog I must request that you desist in stealing content from mine.




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13 responses to “WATCH OUT! There’s a Thief About.

  1. Waiting to cue the crickets or to enjoy the fireworks.

  2. Cheer up. He quotes me without attribution too, though I guess you aren’t entitled to a byline for a comment. Anyhow, I have no clue what he made of my remark, which wasn’t even slightly polemical.

    Not worth the bother.

    • He seems to think that most of the stolen posts that he puts up reflect his own thoughts, mine obviously don’t, but why he quotes other peoples words instead of expressing his own opinions is a puzzle to me, especially as he claims to be the author of four rather dubious sounding books.

  3. Ohh! I see he’s “a (computer) scientist with a very rational mind” that somehow can’t comprehend that quoting only single paragraphs can render them out of context.

    I think we need a new version of the Salem Hypothesis.

    • I’m actually a bit worried that he might hurt himself because he’s so apoplectic. Maybe you could represent him when he sues me. I’m sure that the case would make legal history, a Canadian sues an Englishman living in Germany over a false accusation made in the Internet.

      • “Maybe you could represent him when he sues me. ”

        Thanks, no. Lawyers like to take cases where there is an actual possibility of winning. His idea that you have defamed him is a piece with his other delusions that he has a rational mind.

  4. Ben Breuer

    He couldn’t perchance be working on his dissertation, like some other guy a few months ago in Germany? (Sorry, German-geared news here. But the modus operandi Guttenbergi seems really similar.)

    Hello again, Thony, and belated congratulations to the blogoversary. I haven’t started up blogging yet. Once I’ve done so, I’ll send you a note.

    • Hi Ben it was really nice drinking coffee with you in Dürer City. Hope you and your parents had a good holiday and that the job hunt goes well. It’s modus operandi Koch-Merini this week!

  5. Mark W.

    I guess I was a glutton for misamusement for looking up this guy. After following a maze of semi-circular links, I found one of his books on Amazon. 6 out of 10 reviews eviscerate the poor guy. Definitely not from an academic or journalistic background. After reading past the first P.S., or was it the P.P.P.S., on his diatribe against you, I gave up and prayed for the guy. He has issues beyond plagiarism.

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