Ich bin ein Gastblogger

Following Pepsi-Gate a group of Science Blogs refugees got together with other like-minded science bloggers and founded an island of science blogging excellence in hyperspace at Scientopia. For reasons that are beyond my, admittedly, limited comprehension they decided that they needed to lower the tone of their establishment and invited me to contribute as a guest blogger. Always one to create a disturbance or to be a public nuisance I immediately accepted the invitation and so for the next two weeks I shall be guest blogging there.

My first contribution is “The Road to the Renaissance or One Thing Leads to Another”. Others will follow in the next fourteen days and will be linked to from here as they appear. Come join me at Scientopia, take a look around and see how real science blogging is done.


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2 responses to “Ich bin ein Gastblogger

  1. John S. Wilkins

    Surely that should have been “Ich bin ein Scientopischer”?

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