A new kid on the block

The dark and sinister conspiracy by the history of science community to take over control of the blogahedron is creeping on a pace. Silently and without warning Whewell’s Ghost a collective blog for history and philosophy of science has appeared in cyberspace. Controlled by two notorious HOS desperadoes known collectively as “The Johns”, John Wilkins aka the Albino Aussie Anthropoid master of all things philosophical biological normally found residing at ‘Evolving Thoughts’, and John M. Lynch aka the Irish Arizonian Immigrant former proprietor of the home of good scholarship ‘a simple prop’, supported by their moll Rebekah ‘Becky’ Higgitt curator at the Royal Observatory Greenwich (the place where they control the time!).

Their aim is to collect as many authors who write decent and accurate history and philosophy of science as we can and I’m listed as a contributor if that’s not an oxymoron.

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