A storm in a teacup.

In the latest episode of the ‘you’re not an agnostic but an atheist’ silly buggers debate between PeeZee Maiers  Mayers or what ever he’s called at Pharyngoogoo and the Albino Aussie AnthropoidTM at Evolving Thoughts, the latter came up with one of those philosophical quips that makes reading his expositions such a delight and I offer it to you as a quote of the day.

Huxley thought it was in principle Unknowable, but that’s a side effect of too much German Romanticism in his tea.

I love it.


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5 responses to “A storm in a teacup.

  1. darwinsbulldog

    How fitting! Huxley died today in 1895.

  2. darwinsbulldog

    I love it.

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