Now we are one.


On the 11th of June one year ago The Renaissance Mathematicus dipped his paw, for the first time, into the gaping depths of cyberspace. If somebody had told me even 15 months ago that I would be capable of keeping a blog for the history of science, or for anything else for that matter, going for a year I would have seriously questioned their sanity. I have done many and varied things in my life but one thing I have definitively never done is to write. I don’t write, I can’t write, I have never written and I truly believed that I would never write. How wrong can you get? I who take a pride in truth and correctness have been proved totally wrong in my most deeply held belief about myself, namely that I am fundamentally incapable of writing. One year of The Renaissance Mathematicus and almost 150 posts have shown this belief to have been an illusion, apparently I can write! What is more I have no worries about the future, The Renaissance Mathematicus has no shortage of thoughts, ideas and stimuli for the future. I see The Renaissance Mathematicus padding on into the future bright eyed and tail wagging.

We now move over to our piss poor parody of an Oscar acceptance speech. All of this would not have succeeded if I had not had the warm and generous support of a whole host of real scientists, genuine historians, authentic authors, a bona fide lawyer and an honest to goodness philosopher. The Renaissance Mathematician would like to distribute, in no particular order,dog treats to,  Will at Ether Wave Propaganda, Darin at PACHS, John at Farrell Media, John at Thoughts in a Haystack, John at a simple prop, Thom at The Inverse Square Blog, Dr SkySkull at Skulls in the Stars, Michael at Time to Eat the Dogs and Michael at The Dispersal of Darwin all of whom gave us strength to keep posting.

Anyone who regularly reads the meanderings that find their way onto this website will have realised that one name is very obvious missing from the list above, The Albino Aussie AnthropoidTM. If you think the blog is worth reading or if you think it should be instantly obliterated the person to thank or blame is John Wilkins author of Evolving Thoughts because without his prodding and his undeserved encouragement and praise this blog would never have come into existence. The Renaissance Mathematics owes him everything and would like to thank him with an extra portion of treats and a large bone.

And of course we wont forget to thank our readers(s)!

That’s enough sentimental crap for this year, normal service will be resumed with the next post.


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28 responses to “Now we are one.

  1. Congratulations on your first anniversary! You’ve provided a lot of food for thought over the past 12 months, so I’m looking forward to many more years of this.

    BTW, silverbacks may not take kindly to being given bones. Just a friendly warning.

  2. Chris' Wills

    Has it really been a year?

    Congratulations on having one of the most interesting blogs around.

  3. John S. Wilkins

    Shucks, thanks, Thony, but you managed this all on your own.

    And gorillas don’t eat bones. Some nice leaves would be fine…

  4. Will Thomas

    Congrats, Thony! It wasn’t very long ago that between your work at Wikipedia and your comments on EWP posts, Chris D. and I used to wonder “who the hell is this Thony C guy who keeps popping up?” The answer is now much more clear: the proprietor of one of the most necessary blogs in the history of science.

  5. darwinsbulldog

    Congrats! What a special day – my grandfather would have been 91 today…

  6. Thony, I am humbled by your kind comment. I get much more from your blog than I could ever hope to return. I look forward your continued inability to write, and write, and write.

  7. One year is confirmation of the addiction. You are beyond all hope now.

    Happy blogiversary anyway!

  8. Ian H Spedding FCD

    Let me offer you my heartiest congratulations on your first anniversary as a rising star of the blogosphere. Yours is consistently one of the best-written and most informative blogs and a measure of that praise is that it comes from one who had a pathological aversion to anything mathematical and medieval historical instilled by the British education system..

  9. Jeb

    Well I must confess to having a pathological aversion to the history of science until a year ago.

    Thanks Thony.

  10. Congratulations! It’s been an enjoyable year of reading — looking forward to the second!

  11. BTW, next time you’re in Frankfurt, I’ll buy your a (late) blogoversary beer.

    • I don’t travel much and I don’t drink alcohol but should I be in the Frankfurt area I will definitely look you up for a chat and a coffee, apfelsaftscholle or whatever. Should you be in the Nürnberg area get in touch and we can meet up for a…

  12. Thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts and wishes. Having so many people whose blogs I read regularly and who write such excellent posts saying such positive things about my humble efforts gives me, as I said above, strength to continue.

  13. Congratulations on and thank you for your ever excellent blog. In celebration of its first anniversary, I have just spent a highly enjoyable couple of hours re-reading all of your past posts. It seems to me that there’s plenty of material in there which could easily be converted into what you describe as ‘real writing’… Might I suggest that a Renaissance Mathematicus book would make the world into an even better place?

    • Thank you for your kind words Richard but I don’t really think that the world is waiting a Renaissance Mathematicus book. If time should prove me wrong you’ll get a free signed copy.

  14. Congrats, Thony! And I’m honored to be listed. Your posts bring a level of sanity to the blog world that makes my daily reading that much more enjoyable.

  15. I’m immensely grateful that somebody has gone to the trouble to do a history of science blog that actually contains some history, indeed, lots of it. Sometimes the Internet appears to be all connections and no content. Thanks for your efforts.

  16. Antiquated Tory

    Congratulations, Thony! Seems like I see you in the comments section of almost every blog I read. I’m very happy to read your actual own blog, especially since History of Science is one of my favorite subjects.
    (I also comment as Zucchini when I’m logged into WordPress. I still haven’t quite figured out how all that works.)

  17. Congrats on your blogiversary! I’m sure you’ll have plenty of food for thought for another year or ten!

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