Let the Sunshine in!

At almost the point in time that I will post this, the sun (viewed from the stand point of an inhabitant of the northern hemisphere, which I am) will reach the end of its journey to the south and turning start its long journey* to the north bringing in their turn the spring and eventually the summer to these latitudes. Of course if you live in the southern hemisphere, as does my friend the Aussie Anthropoid, then everything is reversed with the sun departing from their latitudes and letting the autumn and following it the winter in. But then again the antipodeans always do everything arse backwards.

At this turning point in the year I wish all of my readers much sunshine in their lives for the next twelve months and lots of good food and drink at the various celebrations for the winter solstice, which takes place at exactly 17:47 UTC (that’s what used to be called Greenwich Mean Time when I was a kid).

*this is of course just a figure of speech as it is not the sun that goes on a journey but the earth being tilted on its axis that changes its position relative to the sun on its annual journey around the same.


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2 responses to “Let the Sunshine in!

  1. A kindred spirit! Just this morning I told both my little daughters that–tomorrow– the days slowly start getting longer again.

    (Actually, from what I understand, that isn’t exactly true for several days yet–but they get the general idea.)

  2. Trouble is, it gets to the summer solstice before we even start planning to profit from it!

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