The Book of Curiosities

Regular commentator Jeb, both here and at the Aussie Anthropoids Pad (he who has lost his underpants), has drawn my attention in the comments to Mapping Africa to the online exhibition at the Bodlian Library of the Arabic “Book of Curiosities”. This is truly a wonderful presentation of a fascinating document and so I have promoted the tip up front with thanks to Jeb.

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  1. jeb

    I will slip in one other interactive site if you don’t mind. I am like a kid in a sweet-shop with these things. These are late 17th century

    If you have not seen it I suspect you will like it as well.

    On the subject of map makers relationship with science and art and indeed a range of subjects (these images appear to have come from a map making workshop). Much about the prints remains to be discovered.

    They are like a childrens pop- out book, the online version allows you to lift the flaps.

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