plus ça change

I read the following about three hours after writing and posting my ‘I don’t really belong here’ musings.

But scientific writing by contemporaries was everywhere slow in entering the lists. Partly this was because of a backlog of two thousand years or so which confronted the first printer publishers. But I think it also took time to evolve the idea of doing what I am doing now, that is, frantically writing something for the specific purpose of participating in the printed word as the primary form of scholarly communication – instead of composing it by thinking and writing over a period of fourteen years, and then getting a young monk to copy it out neatly so that I can send it to a friend at Dieulacres.

A.V. Simcock, “Elucidatio fabricae usuque: Rambling Among the Beginnings of the Scientific Bookshelf”,  pp. 273 – 296 in Learning, Language and Invention: Essays presented to Francis Maddison, ed. W.D. Hackmann and A.J. Turner, Variorum, Ashgate Publishing Ltd., Aldershot,1994. pp 275 – 276

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