Around the Corner of the Intertubes where I hang out. II

John Wilkins has already drawn attention to this but I will do so again, Will Thomas at Ether Wave Propaganda has a really excellent review of the book Objectivity by Galison & Daston. In particular I think his discussion of representation in science [history] and its relationship to an independent objectivity is a must read for anybody interested in the history and philosophy of science.

Emma at ‘we are all in the gutter’ has a really interesting post on ‘Quasar light switches‘ with an excellent explanation of  ‘active galactic nuclei’ for non-astrophysicists.

Researchers at Cornell University think that they can explain how mediaeval manuscript illustrators were able to produced miniscule parallel lines with such precision before the invention of magnifying lenses.

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  1. Jeb

    I greatly enjoyed the piece on the book of kells until 5 min. ago.

    Given the way its popped up here in the same timeframe, I am speculating it inspired these comments and led P.Z to glance at wiki for 10 seconds before giving us his insight into the subject.

    I think P.Z is a wonderful writer and communicator but as soon as he or Dawkins mentions the word medevial their grasp of the subject just sets my teeth on edge (Dawkins use of medevial peasants in his recent article in the wall street journal has their standard repitition).

    Its pantomime rehtoric, I am sure if either would like to move more fully into the cultural realm they would make a wonderfull Dame Tawnky and Buttons, Ken ham could play Baron Hardup.

    Oh no he didn’t, oh yes he did.

    You get people like Dr Wilkins putting in the time and effort and bringing some credibility to biologies involvment in cultural matters and then you get the old ham actors blowing the usual hot air, which is becoming deeply boring and never changes.

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