Around the Corner of the Intertubes where I hang out.

Darwin’s Bulldog is snapping at the heels of all the historians of science to get them to contribute to Shoulder’s of Giants #14 which he is hosting at the Dispersal of Darwin.

Chad Orzel at Uncertain Principles has had an interesting series of short pop surveys on less well-known names in the history of physics. So far he has covered Thermodynamics, Optics and Precision Measurements with follow ups here, here and here. I find the basic concept very good and will be posting on the underlying theme very shortly.

Larry Moran and John Dupré from the University of Exeter both think that John Wilkins is the smart guy under the internet philosophers of science; a judgement with which I can only concur.

gg at Skulls in the Stars whose posts on the history of science are always exemplary has found a wonderful Victorian scientific crank for the pleasure of all those, like myself, who enjoy such things.

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