It Was Forty Years Ago Yesterday…

Over at Evolving Thoughts the Aussie Anthropoid has a post up on where he was forty years ago. We’ve been here before but with a difference a few days ago I solved a mystery that has been buggin’ me since the last time John posted on this subject. The last time this topic came up I admitted that I could remember where I was when I heard that Kennedy had been shot and where I was when I heard that John Lennon had been shot and where I had watched the second moon landing but I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I was when the first moon landing took place. John helpfully suggested that it was probably the drugs as it was after all The Sixties. A plausible suggestion given the fact that I do indeed have a massive drug career behind me but that, strangely enough, only started in the week after the moon landing.

However another post of John’s from a few days ago has finally helped me to clear up the mystery. John picked up on Mark CC’s post on school bullying and described his own experiences of school life including getting thrown out. In the comments I mentioned that I too had been expelled and then it clicked. I got thrown out of the boarding section, and the school itself, of my exclusive and renowned grammar school in the week of the first moon landing. The first, somewhat more personal, dramatic experience in my life having expunged the memory of the second more worldly experience.

Hey John, thanks for the memory! Oh and by the way I watched the moon landing with my fellow boarders on the schools ancient black and white television in the school library.

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