RIP Mr Ohm

On this day 155 years ago Georg Simon Ohm, he of the resistance omega, departed this life. Almost every day I walk past the little house in Erlangen in which he and his brother Martin, an algebraic logician,  were born. Today its the  Café Con Leche, which does a good cup of coffee and a good line in tasty Spanish cuisine and the shop Gummibärchen Land (Little Gum Bear Country!). This shop is exclusively dedicated to the sale of a much loved German childrens sweet the Gummibärchen (little gum bear), which is a fruit or wine gum in the form of a small teddy bear. They even do Gummibächen birthday cakes. With time I shall blog both of the Ohm brothers as Local Heroes.


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2 responses to “RIP Mr Ohm

  1. Ah, Ohm! He of the Holy Trinity of electrical engineering (the other members being Volta and Ampere). The creed taught to all budding electrical aspirants: I affirm that V=I*R.

    Here endeth the first lesson.

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