A Week Away

I knew when I started blogging that my main problem would be keeping up some sort of output. It’s not that I don’t have enough ideas for content it’s just that I have a lot of problems transferring those ideas that are buzzing around my head into letters on paper or the monitor screen. One of the reasons I jumped when Wilkin’s pushed me was to try and overcome my reluctance to write, something that has hampered my attempts to become an academic all of my life. Having laid down a running start to this blog I have now made the appearance of having fallen at the first fence but this is not the case.

As I announced last week on Saturday I held a lecture and led a tour of the astronomical history of the city of Nürnberg as part of the Stadt(ver)fürhrungen all of which went very well but was kind of exhausting. Sunday is my day of rest; I’m anything but religious but I think the idea of one day in seven being reserved for leisure is a winner. The whole of this week my private pupils whom I tutor in English and maths in order to pay the rent all have important end of year exams so I have been tutoring in overdrive mode all week leaving me little time or desire to blog. Also on Wednesday I delivered my Clavius lecture in Bamberg. Now I know that I had posted a finished written version of this lecture here at the blog and at Giant’s Shoulders but the live version was a completely different beast. Firstly the lecture was naturally in German and not in English, secondly when I lecture, I do so free without a script, improvising as I go along and thirdly the live lecture included a long section on the history of calendars and the calendar reform of 1583 as this is the thing for which Clavius is most well known. Anyway that went off well and having dispatched my last pupil for today (tomorrow, Saturday, I have another one) I have taken a few minutes to re-launch the god ship Renaissance Mathematicus. Something more scientific will follow shortly.

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